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love this too!

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie,
Ohhh--this is divine. I love the house in the distance and the dreamy path that leads you to it. The crackle effect is perfect!

So beautiful!


Sharon at Norah'S

HI joyouslybecoming, it's allnorahsart here. I really do love your feminine icon pieces. This one is so beautiful. Isn't it the greatest feeling when someone else (the muse) is doing it. I'm sometimes amazed with it in my own work. I have diddled in art or craft of some sort for about 40 years and until now have not been aware of my muse. I'm wondering if I have found another level or what?


Love your Icon pieces...wish I could be there for the Workshop!
When is your birthday? Just wondering...


Divine Katie - I love this, and all of your feminine icons!

Just recently several of the woman I love and/or adore have been faced with enormous challanges. And, while it is true that everyone has mountains to climb, women seem to have more distinct challenges. It is so important for us to remember that we are divine, powerful beings ...thanks for helping us visualize this!

p/s - I'm moving to Typepad today. I'll send you the addy when I 'move in.' {xo}


these are all so beautiful, Katie. i wish i could be at the workshop, too! :)


Lovely pieces Katie. I am sure your workshop will be a fabulous success! art hugs to you art sister dear!
from downunder

Carol Soules

These pieces are wonderful. Very moving. Do you ever do workshops on the east coast?

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