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Judy Wise

Oh Katie. The picture of you laughing. It's like looking at the source of all life. What a beautiful way to start my day.


Judy Wise

Ha ha, I have more to say! I love your splendid mess in the studio. You are fabulously messy. Dont you love it when you have to push it all back with your forearms so you have room to put your project on the table? Thanks for the studio shot. It is wonderfully interesting.


the smile on my face is HUGE... xoo

Lisa Hoffman

It warms my heart to see such a Juicy workspace.
Super-tidy studios leave me feeling like a walking, unmade bed.
Thanks for the great photos!
Lisa H.


I love the joy & fun that I see in the photos! I love your scarf in your hair too!

Sharon at Norah'S

Your studio looks very familiar. I think I've been there. I always know somthing good is happening when it gets to this point.
And laughter cures all.


Katie -- it sounds like such a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos and giving us a small taste of the joy you must have experienced!


Hey Katie! I LOVE these pics and hearing about your wonderful art weekend! I've visited Judy's blog and love that too! Hugs!


It's so nice to see you laughing so hard and thoroughly enjoying yourself!

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