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This is a great piece! And funny, but I was just thinking to myself last night, after trying so hard to something that just wasn't me...I realized I have to let go and paint the way I paint. I can't be someone else. I can only be inspired by them and do my own interpretation! Okay I've rambled enuf. Afterall this is your blog! lol


I actually like this one the best! Breaking through is so hard and I commend your efforts to follow your muse. Yes, paint the way YOU paint - only YOU can say what you need to say.

Pam Aries

You are so right! WE have to paint in our own fashion! For the longest time I did not do any art because I thought it was not realistic enough. Other artists were so fabulous.I could not come close! NOW..i embrace my own uniqueness thanks to artists like you! How boring would it be if we all painted the same way!Or if all art was "realistic"!


i LOVE this, katie! seriously cool.

Carla Sonheim

It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful class!


Katie, I agree with you. You can learn the skills, but you'll always end up painting in *your* own style. Me, I work intuitively too; it's the only way I can produce anything.
I love the piece, by the way.

Diane Havnen-Smith

Fabulous! What a great workshop "Feminine Icon" will be. See you TOMORROW! Can't wait to see ya!

Misty Mawn

Oh, dear Katie, i love you. Do you know how wonderful this painting is!!! Do you know how much I love it?
I am captivated, again, by your work.
We need to get together and share our worlds for awhile. I would love to show you how I paint..and I would love to see how you paint. It is mutual!

and thank you...you shouldn't have. xoxo

Shari Beaubien

You couldn't have said this any better, Katie. It's a great reminder for all of us! And I love your painting, "just like you do"!! Hugs, Shari


This is fabulous. Its almost like there are pictures within the picture. Lots of depth and warmth!


Katie, whatever or however you did this, it's wonderful! It's my new favorite piece of work that you've done-I absolutely adore it!


Wow, Katie, I absolutely ADORE this! Whatever steps you took to reach this, whatever struggles, it is stunning. Have a wonderful class!

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