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ruth rae

amazing work!
good luck on your workshop!
I wish I could attend ! :)


Beautiful and entrancing! Wish I could be there.

Pam Aries

How beautiful! The words are mesmerizing! I would LOVE to be in that workshop! Your work is so absolutely wonderful. I feel I use the same adjectives all the time! THese words are not enough!

Sharon at Norah'S

This piece is so beautiful and I love the puzzle element. I must do that soon. Thanks for showing us and if I lived in or near Portland, I would be there.

Judy Wise

Oh, Katie, this takes my breath away. I am so excited about the workshop. I am gathering my elements. I want to be just like you!! (tee hee)

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

katie... the woman seems so peaceful... and yet the eyes are calling... beckoning me to come closer.. wanting me to ask questions.

very moving!


Wow, Katie. This is simply beautifu in every way. It exemplifies peace & beauty. Another fantastic example of what a true artist can accomplish!



very beautiful! just realized you moved ...


oh how I wish I had the opportunity to do a workshop with you! this is beautiful - I love religious icons, collect them and am passionate about them. oneday maybe I will find my own creative self, :)

Misty Mawn

Dear Katie, I really lOVE this piece...I love all of your work so much...I do! And the words you put with you work are more than perfect!

how are you? I have been thinking about you and hope you are keeping busy creating....please don't worry about getting back to me, just know I am thinking of you. xo


Stunning work. If only I lived closer.... Fran

Deryn Mentock

Ohhh, I love this one Katie! This piece has everything I love about your beautiful artwork.

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