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Sharon at Norah'S

Hi and welcome back. Thanks for sharing your trip. Love the art and now I just gotta go over to judy's to see more.

kristen robinson

Katie I am so glad you had a wonderful time and you are home safely! I love the two pieces that you created absolutely divine.



Sounds like a wonderful time. I LOVE the corpse. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

liz elayne

ohh oh poor broken toe! and poor broken car (though so good that the towtruck driver was so nice...makes all the difference in a situation like that).

but it sounds like you had a wondrous time overall. i can't wait to see your pieces in person at artfest!


sounds wonderful! love those sand dollars...are they for real? the colors are yummy! but the wine and chocolate...now you're talkin'...glad you had such a great time.


reading about your wonderful weekend with treasured friends makes me even more excited for artfest...how I can be anymore excited...??? I cannot wait to see you... in just one month!
ouch....that poor toe...that must have been some great dance move. ;-)

Literary bohemian

What a fantastic weekend! you lucky ducky! Your art is beautiful.

pam aries

Divine! Simply Divine! what a wonderful getaway! Nothing Beats good friends, art, wine, and CHOCOLATE!


oh Katie - I love your artwork - I sure wish I could come to buy some... ah well oneday.
My rock arrived today! thankyou, thankyou - I will post about it on my blog tomorrow
I sent your package Monday - I was a little slack, I had it packed last week and kept forgetting to pick it up on my way out.


Wow Katie!! I'm just now catching up with your blog and trip! What a wonderful time and wonderful art. So... do we have to promise Judy that we won't do any wild dancing during our photo shoot in October to get her to come along... or at least promise not to step on her toes?? :-)

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