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how very wonderful for the three of you to be spending the weekend at the ocean. A most perfect way to spend a long weekend!!!

Your pieces are so beautiful, as always!!! I love the second photo, the circle is lovely and pulls me right in.

my studio sounds much like yours...although the kids have part of it, so I am always stumbling over their many projects..
i hope your body is feeling better asap. take care and enjoy your time with Judy and Diane.
much love,
misty xo


Hi Katie, I don't know about encaustic so should I ever give it a try I'll heed your warnings. The pieces are beautiful as usual. I really like what you are doing. It is yoU and of course draws me because I just got a thing about all those vibrant colors you use. What a great weekend plan. Can't wait to see and hear all about it.

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie,
Wow--these encaustic pieces are outstanding!! Thank you so much for sharing your process--the trials and tribulations of encaustics--lol! I once worked with beeswax in a space that was not well-ventilated--ugh...the headache--never again will I do that. I didn't know that melting beeswax is toxic--something so natural, being so harmful. Live and learn.

Have a wonderful time at the beach with the gals--sounds heavenly!!!


kristen robinson


These pieces speak for themselves they are divine. I am so intriqued by each of them.

Have a wonderful adventure this weekend!



these are so beautiful! what fun! a girls trip~~~~have fun!


Oh Katie! Your art is so beautiful and prolific...I hope that means you are feeling very well!

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