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kristen robinson

Stunning! The colors are incredible and the natural elements look teriffic!


Deryn Mentock

Gorgeous, gorgeous blue! It's one of my favorite colors so this piece is very attractive to me!


I am watching, wordless and wonderous. Change! What refreshment! Beautiful seeing your work unfold.

Alex {xo}


k-K-K-Katie! ummmm, I love this. I love the colors and the elements and mostly the mystery. It is so you! thanks for sharing. Have fun at ART FEST - I know you'll knock their socks off!



tracie Lyn Huskamp


Your pieces are JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL time on your mini ocean retreat... say "Hello" to Judy for me.

It WILL be time for Artfest soon...I just CAN'T WAIT. I have your delicate garland ALL READY for you. I LOVE the colors of your garland ribbon... and the illustrated scence of home in the background. It is one of my favorite.



This is FANTASTIC!! Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. Oh, and I'm sure you're body will forgive you! lol

pam aries

All your ART is so damn awesome! I love it!

Princess Haiku

Exquisite. I will be back to read your blog in depth.


Absolutely beautiful. All of your recent works below are stunning as well. I can't wait to see your work in person at Artfest and of course meet you! Can't believe Artfest is almost here.

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