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Painting is absolutely fantastic! I say- keep exploring!!

liz elayne

i want to reach in and touch your painting. the rich colors and the texture just call my name.

and i am sorry about the leak...but how great that it presented you with the opportunity to get that awesome flooring! it looks fantastic.


love your new work


ohhhh, it very much does look like your work. I love her delicate face. and the colors are wonderful.
you are a treasure, katie! xo


she looks like your work but a different layer of it. another drawer in the big chest of tricks. i wish i could see it up close. all the strokes and color graduations. did you paint over layers of papers of different thicknesses? that's what it looks like to me. i do that with old matchbooks (which i love to collect) and it give such an interesting depth and texture. i like to leave some of the paint rather thin so you can just barely read the covers on the matchbooks. i send you joyful muse songs to entertain your creative mind on this new exploration. xoxo


This painting seems to have a special depth - and to me it almost looks like the woman is saying "what am I doing here?". I love it! Wish I could see the textures in person. The floor looks great -- sometimes it takes a leak to get what you want - HAHA. We're replacing 20 year old linoleum for ceramic tile in our bathrooms.


The painting is beautiful, the colours the way it looks at you, it feels magical


I really like this style and how you're not afraid to explore new things because they feel good. I think that's the beauty of being an artist... being able to explore ourselves through our different media.

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