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oh, I am so thrilled you are doing spc... I love this photo. xo


It is a very beautiful image, quite captivating...


this is a great pic
did anyone ever mention a resemblance to Andie MacDowell??!


oh how alike you & I are - I like the term 'seeker' ..must look for that book!
I think you look like Andie MacDowell too :)


wonderful treatment to your SP; beautiful intensity to your gaze


Both your photo and writing are absolutely compelling.


Congratulations! on joining!SPC! It's a lot of FUN! This is a great 1st!!! xo, Cinda


I love the last sentences of this message. How can we hold onto the serenity we seek, the joy we know the world holds for us, the peace...? I guess we all just take it one step at a time.

liz elayne

these last few sentences...about carrying the clarity around with you and how it slips through your fingers...only to come back again...how this deeply resonates with me this morning.


This is an intense but beautiful sp.


it is beautiful and intense and yes full of clarity.


your self portrait really captures your mood, Katie. I, too, have been feeling rather quiet, alone and intense recently. Hugs to you and good thoughts for capturing many many more of those fleeting moments of clarity and peace. xoxo

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