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I forgot about that book. I'll have to dig it out of the archives and reread it. Thanks for sharing!

liz elayne

such a wondrous image of your muse...love that. and "the making stuff part" - yes, yes, yes. that phrase and the reasons why...listening to the music and flying with your muse.

thank you for sharing this passage from the book. this resonates with me deeply today.


Oh, I have to get that book -- sounds right up my alley. Here's one for you: "Creative Authenticity" by Ian Roberts. I've read it four times (think it speaks to me or something?). So glad you got to 'play' in your studio and create ART!

Carla Sonheim

Also from Art & Fear: "Vision is always ahead of execution. And it should be that way." (quote from memory, so might not be exact.) I love that book! I'm glad you're working!


Great quote! And I, too love the vision of your Muse...what does mine look like? (I am wondering)..


Also good books : "Art & Soul" by audrey flack and The blank canvas by ann held audette.

See you SOOOOON!!!!

Rhonda Scott

I have just recently been given this book and have read it I need to take it to heart.
Love your current work Katie and look forward to seeing you at Art Fest.

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