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liz elayne

love that you are repurposing (hmmm...is that spelled right?) the barn wood this way.

encoustic is a technique i hope to learn one day...it is so cool...wish i could touch the texture of these.

and the yoga teacher in me has to point out that the tree appears to be in tree pose. that makes me quite happy.


these are wonderful! you have such a unique style...your art sings to me!

Sharon at Norah'S

Thank you for showing with the encaustic. I can see somewhat with the scan the soft sheen that it adds. I know it must be absolutely georgous and OMG if I could just touch it.


I kinda wanna reach out and touch it. I love texture! Always wanted to try the wax thing...but afraid I'd burn my house down. The kitchen and I are not exactly best buds! lol It's great you have all that old wood to work with. Can't wait to see more.


I adore what you are doing with encaustic and boards...a really original unigue style. I am especially moved by "her Tree...".

Susan Tuttle

Oooo--brilliant Katie!!! What a wonderful surface for your amazing art--great texture!

I really like the colors in these pieces!



hi Katie - I love this new work of yours and the idea of encaustic on barn wood is so appealing - very lovely and poetic

xox - eb.

Miz Carla

Very cool Miz Katie. I agree the boards you are using are taking the wax beautifully!!!

I can tell you are having fun in the zone.


oooooh, I am loving this work. So very rich. Reminds me a teeny bit of Chagall. just wonderful stuff!

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