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Oh Katie this is so beautiful!!! My hubby and I might be in North Carolina in June to scope it out for moving there sometime next year. I'm going to see if I can coordinate it with when you're teaching so maybe I might be able to take one of your classes while we're there.

I read your blog almost daily, but this is my first post. I live in the Portland, Oregon area and had hoped to take your class at Innerstandings, but was low on funds. :(

I hope to get a chance to meet you at Artfest this year. It's my first year and I'm all nervous and excited all at the same time. After talking with Misty about her first year last year, I'm starting to get a little more excited than nervous...which is very good. :D

pam aries

This is my FAVORITE yet! I absolutly adore it! YOU inspire me!


I LOVE me some hearts! WONDERFUL WORK! Love the stones as well. No pune intended. :)


This is such a happy piece, there is so much going on. I love it!

Kristen R

What joy this produces!!!!



Yes this is a very beautiful piece......full of so many interesting textures and subject matter!

Love Violette


This is one of my faves so far! Wish I could take the class. Can you take my kids for a few days too? lol

Ro Bruhn

Love the painting, there's so much to see.

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