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Ths is amazing. I can see the texture of the old barn wood and yest you are able to get such detail. Amazing and I love it.

pam aries

What a cool painting! I love the colors and texture!

Kristen Robisnon

Oh Katie this just makes me feel so happy and full of joy!!!!!!!



This is such a beautiful piece of art. It makes my heart sing!


I just LOVE these recent pieces - they are so evocative. Will you be offering any of them for sale on etsy?


katie... these are all so wonderful. i love that they are created on wood (one of my favorite surfaces to work on, too). the texture of the wood plus the gorgoeous colors make such a nice combination!

tracie Lyn Huskamp

Katie...this piece is GREAT!!!!!

wonderful texture... and colors...



Oh, to live in a house such as this! Can I come visit inside your little pink art house? If it were real, I'd want to see what was inside the door.

As always, your art is whimsical and enchanting.



Oh i love these two paintings of yours....they are so full of life and whimsy! You know i thought it was funny when you said that little violet was coming which meant you couldn't get any painting done! I'm a little violet!


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