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I LOVE AND ADORE THIS PIECE! Your art always makes my heart sing. How do you DO it? And as for you exquisitely beautiful daughter (your last post), It's so wonderful that she is finally finding happiness again. I know you must be relieved at thrilled. This news deserves one big Yee Ha!



Little Effie is too cool for school. I love her.


Little Effie is certainly aflutter with ideas. And happy about it too. Adorable.


I am absolutely loving these (the next post too) Really fun!

liz elayne

this one has me giggling out loud. i can relate to little effie so much...which can be a wonderful thing, but also a little bit tiring. all those ideas swirling around can invite a person not to sleep too much. i hope you are bringing her to artfest!

Kristen Robisnon

Such yummy colors and layers, the pink polka dots are charming.


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