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that is so, so true! happy child...happy, happy momma!


beautiful. inside and out. she looks like you in the pictures!

pam aries

All THAT..and he is gorgeous too! THings happen for a reason! Even tho we cannot see that when we are in the midst of angst sometimes. I am happy that she found someone who is in 'tune' with her! They look great together! I can feeel it through the computer! ha ha!


Katie, I'm so happy for all of you!!! EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Tara Ross

They look so sweet together,,,awh,,, to be young and to find love so fast again.

Why is it so much harder when you are older?

Nice new work, nice texture quality


what a beautiful picture, katie. i bet it fills your heart to see her so happy. good for you all!!

and your newest art pieces are very lovely. the house shapes and colors are beautiful.

Miz Carla

awww look at her smile!! He's HOT!! To me, he favors your son-in-law. I'm glad she's happy. She's tough and beautiful just like her Mother.



Katie, I'm so happy there's a happy ending to this story! You've done a good job raising strong children, you should be proud.


it must make your heart soar to know your kids are happy and in healthy relationships


Such wonderful news, Katie! They look so darling together. See what a good mom you are!

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