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Sharon at Norah'S

She is wonderful and taking a beautiful bunch of birthday posies to the lucky girl. I love your painted face. Isn't it wonderful how our art evolves. My purses of late have hand painted faces.
I thought you were probably already gone. Didn't know you were only an hour away. So lucky.

pam aries

ONE day... I will come to Artfest..right after one day I will live in Paris! Have fun! I am looking forward to tales from Artfest!

Susan Tuttle

What a gorgeous doll Katie!!--I love her face--it says so much!

Have a wild, artsy, fun time at Artfest! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!! Wish I could go!



what a lucky friend to receive this special doll, katie. she has the most beautiful face! and i tried to visit the chickens but they are sleeping. i am excited to check them out with my boys. i bet they are grand.

i hope you're having a fabulous time at artfest. i look forward to hearing all about your experiences there.


cute hen cam! ;o)

just wanted to let you know that I just emailed you about North Caronlina.

Deryn Mentock

Well, that's just dang eggcitin'!! Love your hippie girl. Have a great time Festing!

Kristen R

Cannot wait to hear all about your wonderful journey!



WhAt a beautiful doll! You are so talented. Glad you had a great time at Artfest! I'm going next year for sure!


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