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Ttracie Lyn Huskamp

dear katie... have a WONDERFUL weekend. How much FUN this will be! And when it all over, you will have some of the wall painting and floor finishing to-do's DONE!!! YEAH!

Your new pieces are divine!


Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie,
Wow--I love your latest piece--the way you framed it is just perfect, and I like the hint of text that I can see in the black.

I also enjoyed your pictures of John Hoover in his creative space--so inspiring! Still going strong at 85!!

Have fun with your daughter and her boyfriend--who cares if your wall is two different colors--an artist's work in progress!



amen! what a wonderful post, katie. and a wonderful day. how lovely to be among all the local artists and to share in their workspaces and living spaces. i think that sounds so beautiful. the little things in life really do make our days more magical. it is always good to be your authentic self. amen again!! x0x0 - k


Whata wonderful post. Isn't it great when you meet people who think like you do - people who you can connect with at an inner level as well as an outer one. Have a wonderful weekend.

pam aries

Oh MY! You are going to have a busy time! Have a whole bunch of fun!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all the cool art stuff! Peace and Love!

Kristen R

What a great piece Katie so full of depth. What a lovely day you must have had such a blessing to be around those people who inspire us.



I know I would just love your half done wall! I am so glad to see Marissa is turning a new page in her life, and that she is finding happiness with a new man!

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