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Susan Tuttle

Oooo--what cheer! This photo brought a real smile to my face when your blog appeared on my computer screen.



they are so sweet...as are you! xoxo

cannot wait to see you...soon!

Ro Bruhn

They're my favourite flowers too.

liz elayne

love their happy faces! this is the year i realized that part of the reason i love daffodils and tulips is because the green stem and leaves are such wonderful compliments to the bright colors. just makes me smile...

Kristen R

These are so lovely. I adore the rebirth of spring.



I don't know if yellow was Vincent Van Gogh's favorite color but he sure used it alot in his works! These are beautiful! :) *HUGS*

Sharon at Norah'S

Yellow is my favorite color in the landscape. Tho I never wear it. These were a beautiful gift

Literary bohemian

What synchronicity. I was, just today, thinking that Daffodils are a new favorite of mine. How wonderful a photo this is.

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