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Judy Wise

Oh, these are juicy, raw and wonderful, katie. I'd give anything to be right there to point out my favorite bits. The lady with the rollers in her hair (or is that George Washington?).The ladder to pull you out of the clay.The chairs upon which we'll rest, the various papers. John is tubbing & has not packed one thing. Oh, how does the world ever get anything done?

I just heart you.

Tara Finlay

Katie, I love these pages. I love the art that is raw and true when we don't always put our public face forward. I for one spend so much time hiding my true feelings so as not to "burden" anyone or "complain" or "nag." I wish I could figure out how to channel that into journaling. I started recently but the pages turned out very one dimensional and cartoonish.


Katie: I am getting super ramped up about your visit to Saluda in June! I am dying for some instruction from you on these wonderful intuitive paintings but I can't get there on Friday. :( I will be there on Sat for Mixed Media collage, tho. I promise not to make too much trouble in your class, ok? (fingers crossed behind my back.)

alex shur

Dear wonderful Katie! These pages make me dance! Thank you for sharing them, and feelings and thoughts with us.

And remember, there is nothing better than hanging out with friends in aging jammies.

I heart you too.

Ro Bruhn

These are fabulous Katie, so spontaneous and free, they jump off the pages


I love your work and was very much drawn to the 'I flap my wings but my feet are stuck in clay'...

And thank you for just showing you ... thread-bare pyjamas feel just like a second skin.

Sharon at Norah'S

I just love the spontaneous feel that these all have. But the best picture that you painted for me today was the one in my minds eye of me knocking on your door and you being there.

Mary Ann

I just discovered you. Oh oh oh.....your blog is rich and these pages are filled with LIFE. They move me. How nice to have a NEW (to me) original blog to visit regularly.


Katie, these are wonderful pages. I love them... and love "I'd flap my wings but my feet are stuck." Boy, is that true so many times in life. Have a lovely weekend.


These journal pages have such a truth to them, and such wonderful colour. "I flap my wings, but my feet are stuck" - I've been there too!

Susan Tuttle

These pages are amazing--all of the colors and layers keep my eyes moving, searching, looking for another treasure--like you've let me loose on a beach filled with beautiful sea glass.

Your figures have their own, unique style--wonderful, bravo, love them!!!

I also loved your description of yourself in the morning--I felt like you were describing me.



I love "I flap my wings but my feet are stuck" I think that sums me up in a nitshell. Mind if I use that phrase? Your journal pages are wonderful.


that was nutshell, not "nitshell",,,,,,oh my!


Katie, as much as I love them all, there's one that speaks to me loud & clear-"I flap my wings but my feet are stuck". You have no idea how close to home that one hits, honestly, it would have been the perfect phrase for me the last few days. Too bad that one's in your journal, because I'd buy it in a heartbeat! That phrase is going to keep going through my head now:)

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