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Literary bohemian

I'm loving these peeks inside your journaling process. They are raw and wonderful. I wish I could make my visual journal so beautiful...

You are such an inspiration.

Tracie Huskamp


Your pages are so FULL OF LIFE and Energy.. I LOVE IT!


liz elayne

these pages seem to vibrate...
incredible katie. such inspiration here.

Alma Stoller


I simply love your pieces.....your color combination, symbols and images really move me.

Like your other pieces...I really love this one too.


kelly snelling

dig, katie, dig, because as you do, you are throwing off sparks that illuminate the way for all of us. Yuuuummmm! these are lovely.

Ro Bruhn

More fabulous pages Katie, they're so spontaneous and free. As usual I love your use of colour, very inspiring.

alex shur

My dear...you are on a roll! I am so happy to see your brightness lighting the path.

Mary Ann

The dark really does feed the light. These journal pages are living proof. Evidence of drowning and rebirth. And I think they are BEAUTIFUL. Do you know how inspiring you are?


Katie, these pages are so full of life...you are so very inspiring! I want to dive into them, like in a dream, in get lost for awhile.


Katie, these pages are so full of life...you are so very inspiring! I want to dive into them, like in a dream, and get lost for awhile.


I so love these pages, they are awesome. Love the colours and the whole look. Okay I want to know how you do these?? lol

Judy Scott

amazing pages filled with layers and layers of you! Found you via a link on flickr, so glad I came by, Judy x

Sharon at Norah'Ss

OK, so here is what I want. When you finish this whole journal and every page is full then just give me a call and I'm coming over to sit with it in my lap so I can touch it and read it and study it and touch it and absorb it and know it. This is what I want....


I have counted at least five motifs that I personally love, and that seem to always find their way into my art - the sun, the houses, the hill, the tree, the bird - so your pages truly resonate with me. I love the feeling of dreams and joy you convey... your flying figures make me think of Chagall's flights of fancy. What an inspriational journal you have!


Wow! The colors are perfect! Now THAT is what I am trying to do!


These are fabulous. I love your colors.


these pages are BEAUTIFUL. I just want to take them out from the computor and up on my wall. thank you so much for sharing!


Oh Katie.......this is just stunning........and dreamy! I love it. You inspire me.



oh, Katie, all the journaling you have been posting is such a joy to the eyes. you really put your heart and soul into each page. thank you for sharing. xo

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