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Literary bohemian

I find that it's always refreshing to the soul to spend time outdoors whilst in the throes of a depressive episode. Plant something beautiful.


I love that you journal so deep and such real emotions. I need to learn to do this as well. though I tend to ignore and suffer through until the sun shines again.

I do have a question.. do you date your personal journals a year ahead for a particular reason, or do you feel as if a year has passed? ;o)

by the way, mom and I are all set for June. ;o)


Your journal will be good to look back on, when you feel more buoyant and see the contrast in your moods. I stamped my foot once (as an adult) in a temper and damaged my foot! I always think twice about it now - maybe smashing a plate would be better(wearing eye goggles!)

shari beaubien

Every time I read you blog, I feel like I get exactly what you are saying - on a deep and internal level. I feel as though we are kindred spirits in separate yet parallel worlds. As always, thanks for sharing yours with us, sweet Katie. Hugs, Shari

julie h

Hi. I have popped by your blog a few times an not left a comment. Today I want to say thank you, and I do understand. I too have bi-p and I know that some days the creativity flows and others I spend hours on something that ends up in the bin - OR I set it aside and fix it the next day (that is a new skill).

Oh, and I have a sneaky idea that if there was somewhere we could have a tantrum and not feel like others might see, it could actualyly help let stuff out occasionally.

Sending you a warm hug.

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