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Literary bohemian

I would so love to come and play and be creative with you! I wish I had the money and the time.

I'm glad you're feeling better about life today. I really enjouy the picture you posted. It reminds me that in dreams, a house usually represents your "self" and all the rooms in the house are pieces of you.

*hugs* Welcome back to the sunny world!

Angie Platten

Girl, you are BACK! Beautiful work! I'm counting the months until I get to finally meet and take classes with you at Art Unraveled!!!


Katie: the woman/house is so great. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when she took a pill and grew bigger than the house! I can't wait to study under your tutalage in Saluda. We're going to eat at the Saluda Grade and enjoy Jane's hospitality -- all that after my week at Arrowmont studying printmaking! I'll be on creative overdrive.

Tracie Huskamp

Katie... how interesting.. this idea of ladders in your art.

I have been so completely drawn to the bird figure as a way of working through thoughts of reaching higher ground and singing my own song. I just keep returning over and over to this subject. This tiny creature... delicate and fragile... but so beautiful... and inspiring.

Mary Ann

As Leonard Cohen says, "There's a crack in everything...that's how the light gets in." Your classes sound RICH. I hope you'll post your students working ..would love to see the process. Thanks for another good morning read.

liz elayne

the colors, the layers, the bird, the girl who is a house...how your work speaks to me katie.

i can't wait to see how your images of ladders appear in the pieces you share. i hope you will teach a class in the pacific northwest soon that i might be able to take...

thinking about you...


Just found your blog! I so love your art! And glad you found your light again! :) Your classes in NC is close enough I just might be there...I can only afford one right now and I think after mulling it over ..Femine Icons is for me. I haven't stepped foot inside an art class since...ahem..highschool lol I hope I can make it!

Kristen R

Katie this new piece is lovely, definitely from your soul. It is graceful and vibrant a story if you will.

You know I think the elements you use are wonderful, always so thought provoking!!!!


Pilar Pollock

There is something very peaceful and hopeful about this piece. The woman in the house is very provocative. The way you created such fusion depicts the woman as grounded and in charge of her reality vs. imprissoned. I can not wait to see how you incorperate ladders as a visual narrative. :D


Katie, You know I always love everything do you. Both of your latest pieces are fantastic! The colors are... ahhh... really do love them. Now when are you going to make some more dollies? I always love seeing what you come up with.

Have a lovely day,

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