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Love the new work! wish I could take one of your classes but I'm too far away and welll...unless Mary Poppins flies down I don't have a chance! lol
Happy Weekend KK!

liz elayne

the colors...where can i find a top like that one? i just love it...

but it is the poetry of the words that really captures me and my sleepy mind and vulnerable heart this morning...

Pilar Pollock

This is just breathtaking. Your background has so much depth. I love the way you created the space of the window. Like the background, it creates a deeper perspective; and of course, I love the poem!

Literary bohemian

She has a look of indecisiveness on her face. I wonder what her indecision is all about?

Ro Bruhn

Another fabulous piece Katie, I love the dress. I hope you can teach over here soon, I'd love to take one of your classes.


Oh I soooooooooo love this Katie!!!! It's beautiful!!! I'm really lovin' your journal pages too, but this....*sigh*...so wonderful!

I've got some new art finished finally (that post-Artfest funk took forever to kick), but I haven't gotten them up on my blog just yet...waiting 'til I get them back from my art coach who had a little gallery show last Friday. Also, I have several other pieces in various stages of completion that I hope to have done by the end of the week, so I hope you'll pop over for a visit soon. :D

Hey I signed up for your "Let's Face It--Be Fearless" class at Art & Soul. It's going to be soooo fun and I can't wait!!! Oh and somebody else we both know and love signed up too, but I don't know if she's told you yet so I'll leave that for her to do ;) xoxoxo

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