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Judy Wise

I love your pages, the letting go, the return to the source (journal). The faces remind me of the expressions on the faces of the 8th graders when I was a teacher - all quiet attention, waiting for the wisdom. Have a lovely day with your young friends. (A little of this, a little of that.) I heart you.


Nice Katie... journals are soooo great for just doing. kids are great for that too - enjoy your "playtime" xo

alex shur

You are so wise! Yes! The key, of course is just doing it, from the heart for your own beloved self! And guess what? I love your pages. Love the faces, the freshness, the absolute Katie-ness of the pages.

Today is my girl's 9th birthday. And it is a beautiful spring day. I am going to take your lead, have our fun day and then, late this evening, I am going to get my long neglected journals out.

I heart you too!! :-)

Terri Lynn

I just found you and today's journaling is so serendipitious of myself and alot of others I have been reading. I think it has to do with spring, you know getting into somekinda funk and all. Love your site, I am linkin' you up and will be visiting you for more fresh inspiration....love your work!


I'm so glad you're feeling better. The journal!!! Of course, the best remedy of all...to get down and dirty and just PLAY! Have fun with little Violet!

Literary bohemian

I see the freedom and letting go in the gases of the faces you've created. How lovely to witness your inner artist coming out to play!

Literary bohemian

I see the freedom and letting go in the gazes of the faces you've created. How lovely to witness your inner artist coming out to play!


Getting in touch with your soul ... having fun, being joyous and replenishing your energy ...
children are a great help with this. Enjoy the birthday party!


I see the freedom too, in fact I love it. It speaks to me. I think a lot comes out when we let go and just "be"


Katie, you did it! The journal pages are wonderful! I haven't worked in my journal for a very long time, maybe I should haul it out---


Hi you dear sweet soul! So sorry I haven't been in touch....been in a bit of the typical (or so I hear) post-Artfest funk. I'm so glad you've found a way to squelch yours.

It was so wonderful spending time with you at Artfest! I hope to see you again really soon! Please be sure to let me know if you're ever down here in Portland. xo

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