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Judy Wise

The pictures in this post fill my heart with love for all of you. Meema and the grandchildren - you are all so beautiful. Congratulations on your present blessings.

Carol in Mass.

I am so relieved to hear Lily Anne is home. She looks wonderful there with her Mom and Meema. Thanks so much for sharing, yourself, and the beautiful pictures of all.


oh Katie, you look so beautiful, you always do, but even more than ever...eternal happiness to you and your family. i love you. xo


Congratulations! A beautiful display of love!


Kate I

what a beautiful family...joy emanates from all of you!

shari beaubien

Sweet Katie, I'm doing the happy dance right here and now for you, Heather, Lily Anne, and the rest of the family! Congratulations...
Hugs and xoxo Shari

Ro Bruhn

Congratulations again Katie, so glad everything turned out right. The photos are wonderful, you now have another bundle of joy to love. Enjoy.


What lovely pictures of your Family. Congratulations on the safe delivery of the newest member. She looks just precious.


What a BEAUTIFUL family... you are all just shimmering :-) Love and Light and Joy and Health to you all...

kelly snelling

seeing your deep soulful eyes reflected again in your grandchildren's eyes just makes my heart skip a beat. it is such a wonderful legacy to have a loving family and yours is glowing here for everyone to smile upon. many, many congratulations and happy blessings to you all, katie!! enjoy yourself!

Susan Tuttle

Oh my--she is precious!!! Congratulations!! Three generations of beauties!!!


mary b

Such joy to be seen in the faces of your family - you are truly blessed!! I am so happy your newest addition is doing well.


oh the happiness is just radiating off the screen! so much love and joy in such a beautiful family.

alex shur

My dear Katie...and beautiful family...I've been following Miss LIly Anne's emergence with every conceivable emotion. I know what it is like to have a newborn in ICU and I know the extreme joy in having that baby back in your arms.

What a beautiful angel she is. I look forward to watching her grow up!

All my love,

tracie Huskamp


Congratulations again... another sweet little one to cuddle and enjoy



Congratulations Grandma Meema! I know the joy you are experiencing - doesn't matter whether it's grandbaby 1 or 100. Blessings to you all.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Congratulations...what precious pictures...generations...


Oh, Katie!

What a gorgeous family you have there! I know you must be bursting with pride. Soooooo happy for you!



Awwww... thank you so much for sharing. What a precious family. Makes me smile.


OOOH. Your posts brought tears to my eyes! How beautiful she is and how perfect! You look radiant! I am so glad she is doing well and is at home. :>

Bernie Berlin

You're a pretty hot looking grannie:) (((giggles)))
Seriously, you look so at peace and everyone looks fantastic!!! Wish I were there, I miss seeing you...
Blessing & Light my sweet friend..

Deryn Mentock

Well, I'm a little late with my congratulations but it truly is a happy day for you all!


Oh she's so beautiful!!! So glad to hear your new granddaughter and her momma are doing okay. Congratulations Meema! :D xo


Oh she is so beautiful Katie....and you radiate pure bliss........you look sooo proud! Congratulations!

Love Violette

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