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pam aries

WOW! You will be comig really close to me! Charlote is not that far! I wish I could go! Dang! If you decde t omake a sidetrip t ocharleston....let me know! HA! Have fun! ......THe kids are darling!


Hi! I so wish that I could take at least one of your classes in Saluda, but we leave for a week at the beach the following Monday and I just know I will be getting ready to go on those days beforehand. If you make it up to Asheville before your classes in Saluda begin, I would love to show you around. Hop over to my blog and leave a note or email. On what day that week will you be coming to Western North Carolina?
Best wishes, Frivolitea (Lynn)


I wish I had some places to recommend, but I've never been. Just wanted to say how adorable I think the pictures are and little Violet painting is very sweet. I love how focused she is on the bottle and mixing that paint up!

Pilar Pollock

You have such a beautiful family! I think Violet is a natural when it comes to art. Thanks for sharing such precious photos!

Ro Bruhn

What lovely little treasures your daughter has, Violet certainly looks the part, a real little artist.

Sharon at Norah'S

Oh what beautiful orange flowers Violet has painted. Sweet sweet family of girls.


that first photo of Violet is so very sweet....what a wonderful little artist you have to share the time in your studio!

I so know how you feel right now...I want to work on other art...but not until i get what needs to be done out, first! sigh. I am so excited for where you are, sharing yourself...and i cannot wait to be in your class. ;-)

i so much wish I could see you while you are on the east coast. xoxoxo


Sooooooo cute!!! Those photo's are just divine.
Ahh yes to work on one's own art -nice thought. Although i just completed the preparation of an altered book, my first, that will be shipped off tomorrow and I wont see it for 18 months - will be great when its done.

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