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kelly rae

katie! i love this! sometimes a small break is perfectly perfect. this is marvelous!

kelly snelling

i've been thinking of you. i'm always happy to see how you are and what you are working on. this one makes me sit back in my chair and nod my head as i say aloud, Yes, Yes, Yes. it feels so deep to me on many levels with all its layers and shapes and colors. it feel very wise. i've been unable to even get my paints out and it is starting to tear at my mind. soon i will be able to remember the things i have to say. in the meantime i will revel in your beautiful creations. namaste, katie


I just have to say that my jaw literally dropped when this page uploaded. This painting is dynamite! Fantastic texture and depth. Oh and btw...cheers to 1, 6, 7 on the tagged post below. Enjoy the new addtion, the class (wish I could be there!) and of course your arting! Cheers KK!

tracie Huskamp

Katie.. I LOVE your experimentation... Great Work...

Pilar Pollock

I love this abstract. The colors are so rich and intoxicating. I feel like I could stare at this for sometime and have a secret revealed.


This is so beautiful, all the textures,,,,,it makes me want to look longer. I wish I could touch it.

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