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Katie, they're so beautiful! I still can't believe how big Violet has gotten-seems like she was just born last week!

dorit elisha

Baby lilyanne looks a lot like you! She has your eyes! and her sweet little sister is into art, also just like you. How happy you must be to have these treasures near you!

tracie Huskamp

What precious beauties... Just like their gram.

Happy Memorial Day!

kelly snelling

violet and lilyanne mae are both so adorable. ooh, i can almost smell her sweet baby head in this picture! be sure to give little violet extra cuddles. it is always so hard for them to go from being the only one to the other one.


Cherubs! They are lovely little cherubs! You must nibble on those four cheeks all day!


What an incredibly beautiful baby! And how nice that she's an 'easy' one--makes it easier for everyone to help Violet adjust...


Ohhhh puppy breath and baby heads. Two of my favorite smells! :-)

mary b

Those two precious girls look so much alike, and so much like their grandma! You are so blessed to have them in your life :~)mary

Tara Finlay

What a sweet little bundle! And I love "yan"!
Congratulations to you and your family:)


You must be so proud! They are perfect!

shari beaubien

Could they be any more precious? I don't think so... Hugs, Shari

alex shur

This is just what I needed to make my heart sing. Thank heaven for little girls!! :-)

Miz Carla

Sweet little darlins! It still amazes me how much "yan" favors Miz Violet when she was the same age. What does Ethan think of his newest lil sis?

sending big hugs to you kiddo-- miss ya!!

ps: PLEASE try and get your tail to art and soul VA next year. I'm going again (for sure) and would love to see you.

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