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Judy Wise

I gasped out loud. I love her.

tracie Huskamp

I have to admit... sometimes..even though my body may be laying on the bed and my eyes are closed my mind doesn't rest... it is busy with ideas, or mulling over the day.



This is a beautiful interpretation of the landscape of your symbolic lexicon. I love the strength and wisdom, which flows from the painting. This painting needs to be in a gallery or museum as it is just breathtaking!


i love this! it makes me think of when i am quiet and meditating, the mind's eye that is visualizing and active. i am closing my eyes now and it feels good!
love your blog!


Another piece I could get lost in... She says so much. :-)


OMG! I LOVE this! I simply adore what you are creating these days- a fine mixture of folk & contemporary - so intriuging! Beautiful work, Katie! Have fun in NC, my old stomping grounds.



very powerful piece!!

Ro Bruhn

Wow this has real punch Katie, I really love it.


lovely - and the technique sounds like fun

xox - eb.

Kimberly Wlassak

What a great technique. I love the outcome. Very soft texture.

Garden Painter Art

jane powell

Hi Katie
Just a short time before you arrive in NC. We are all excited about you coming to Random Arts in Saluda. I am going to get a little list of "things to do" for you before you fly in.If you have anything specific in mind let me know.

GayleLynne Ayres

Simply, purely, remarkably amazing!

Karen Cole


My first time here and I'm sure it won't be my last.

I loved your words on Judys blog re. growing children, so I followed you here.

I am a "face" person and love your intuition..."intuitive" piece. She never sleeps is so very much what my life is all about these days. She's beautiful, even though she may be tired.


Susan Tuttle

Woh--this is incredible! You know what I love?--her ears--what great texture and color.


Kristen R

This is so completely wonderful so full of energy and inspiration, lovely Katie!


Shelley Noble

Whoa. What a fantastic piece! I love everything about it, the concept, the technique. You are an artistic inspiration!


This is really amazing, both on first look and then on a closer "inspection." I love the feeling of unity you created among all the details of the collaged pieces. I can imagine that "in person" it is really even more beautiful. The ever watchful third eye takes it beyond the realm of simple visual beauty into something spiritual. I know how muuch I enjoy the magic that happens when I trust my intuition in the creation of art... and then it's true...it almost finishes itself. Beautiful piece Katie!

pam aries

You are an incredible artist! I wish I could take a class from you! Which reminds me...I think I will do some phone book pages art today! It is so easy , fun and hopefully it will get my creative juices flowing!

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