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liz elayne

oh this makes my heart so happy. i love these images of the tea party under a tree. and the joy of time spent just the girls...


The tea set is to die for Katie..just perfect for your little granddaughter!
Glad you had a successful trip to NC and found the hospitality so warm and wonderful Great class photos!
hugs a bunch from dowunder.

tracie Huskamp

You MUST have made the right choice for Mz. Violet... she looks like ONE HAPPY little girl!

And RIGHTLY SO.. to have a Gram.. like you!

Angie Platten

This is so sweet! And girl, I wanna' know where you get your cool, funky head bands? I want some!


hi katie. i just love the photos from your sweet tea party. violet is so lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother! little violet reminds me so much of my olivia-i would do her hair up the same way and she loved her jeans with the flowers. :) we would have the sweetest tea parties and make dear little toasts to happiness and many more tea parties. your post brought back many sweet cherished memories. thank you. also i have greatly enjoyed reading about the workshop in nc. it seems as if it was a special time for all. do you have plans to teach there again? i will def. make the trip. :)
p.s. so happy to read that you got to see some fireflies. aren't they magical. :)


You know what would be really great with that tea, Meema? A nice almond macaroon from McFarlane's Bakery in Hendersonville. So sweet. I mean the pictures as well as the cookies. xoxo cheryl


oh such special memories you have invoked katie. sunny days under blossom filled, fragrant trees. imagination running as wild as the "tea" poured from tiny, very special teapots into equally tiny tea cups. plop, sugar cubes (not one, maybe two, or perhaps three!) and tasty bites of grandmas homemade jam fancy biscuits. thank you katie, for helping me to remember on this cold and dreary winters day in australia! xo
ps i have the most gorgeous TEENY teaset that my cousin brought me home from south america. keep an eye on my blog - i'll take some pictures and post them for you. xo


Oh I just adore that tea set. Great photo's - a story in itself. I have never known anyone else to be called Meema, very close friends of mine are called meema and beepa by their grandkids. I still cannot believe you are a grandma - you look way to young!


yes, it is sooo pretty, just my taste too! :-)


hey katie...these photos are priceless...i adore them all...what magical times with these sweet little ones...there is nothing like it. xo...annie

Vicki Van Slyke

Hi Katie,
I hope the trip is great and I just had to tell you that that tea set and the pics are so precious--thanks for sharing them.
just beautiful!

love, your CA s-i-l :)
vicki (bob says hello too )

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