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Michelle C

oh, how I wish I had stayed for the sunday class!! those images are wonderful! that would have been much more fun than the Biltmore! hehehehe


Katie- What a wonderful time you had - and what beautiful work from your students! I can see you inspired them (no surprise there) & that they inspired you as well. This was a good trip for you in so many ways. I can see from the top post that the tea set was a big hit as well (isn't that grandbaby a doll?)


liz elayne

these are incredible! wow! these folks created some awesome pieces. i can't wait to take a class with you one day soon dear katie...


fabulous art!

tracie Huskamp

WONDERFUL ART..Katie... LOOKs like your students REALLY SOAKED IN your fabulous teaching and reveled in the artistic process.



Oh I absolutely love reading about your classes at Random Arts in Saluda. I do wish that I could have been there. I will try if you come this way again.

Ro Bruhn

What a fabulous workshop Katie, I do hope you get to teach here in Oz one day.

Mary Ann

You must be a gifted teacher. Each of your students' work looks uniquely their own. What fun it is this evening to read about your adventures. The photos of you are really great..........love those striking scarves you wear so well. Especially love that new About photo. Welcome home.

Meg Fowler


I can't thank you enough for the incredible gift of freedom you gave me those 3 days in Saluda. I have made ... and kept ... the promise to create 30+ minutes every day and try like heck to lose the 'uptightness' in my work. "Ultra-talented?" You make me blush ... not there yet, but working hard at it! XOXOXO


Your workshops sound like they were just divine. What a bunch of lucky students and their artwork is just phenominal. :D

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