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Wonderful quote.

That's a good description for me too-"eclectic mixed media". For me it depends on what medium I am using at the time. My oils are very different from my acrylics which are different from my encaustics. But I think at the essence they all are "me" at the same time. I would definitely say the same about your work. Whether whimsical, realistic, imprompty journaling-all of them have that katie kendrick sensitivity and wonder.


I really love the last two pieces you posted -- different than your style but still wonderfully you. Maybe your style is multi-faceted media? xoxoxo cher


I meant to say: "different than your USUAL style" above.

Itchy trigger finger, you know.


I love her colours, especially the red over her heart.

I read the poem you posted yesterday again just now.
It means something entirely different to me in the brighter light of today. I want to share it with someone I love. There is an urgency to it, and yet, it stands still, like love, eternal.


No matter - realistic or whimsically offbeat - the "Katie" spirit shines through! I love this, as usual! I do so love the way you are able to inspire us all.



eclectic,,,,,, that sums it up for me too.

Beautiful work.


Sharon at Norah'S

I just love all of the Katie style, call it what you will. Love it.

tracie Huskamp

I LOVE her expression... a woman... with a journey.. a purpose!



The woman is Beautiful! Your work is outstanding!

Deb L

I love this piece, Katie! And also like the new photo of you too :)
I am glad to see I am in such talented company when it comes to creating different stles and moods of art depending on the day! I always thought that this was a "problem" I had - but now I embrace it! xox Deb


hmmm, i really like this post katie. she is still and calm. content and perceptive. or maybe that's how i feel today and therefore that's what i see???

pam aries

Oooo! I was away for a couple of days..and I missed a lot! I love all the pics from the art classes! Wish I could have been there! Not too far for me..just up the road a few hours..oh well...next time. I know everyone enjoyed the phonebook art,,, that is my fave thing to do to unblock !

ro Bruhn

Love this Katie and your previous post, as you've seen I also work in many different styles, it keeps life interesting.


Karen Cole

I like the term you used, "eclectic mixed media". I call it always interesting.


....And that's what makes you such a wonderful artist and why we love you so much! Happy Thursday KK!


Oh how lovely... haven't been here in a little while so very much enjoyed seeing all your latest pieces. Thank you for sharing!


alex s

Her face. Wow. Her face!! Katie, what a wonderful image that I will take away to dream by tonight. The serenity here is astounding. I love her. {and, of course she is you.}

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