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Judy Wise

Have a safe journey and carefree time with your lovely family. Absorb all of summer. Big joy to all of you.


wow...you do have a full summer ahead of you...I love road trips...and I say that after a very looooong day in the car yesterday or was it the day before...... ;-)
I hope you have a most wonderful trip with Walter to see Marissa & Mick...enjoy the time away. i will be thinking of you. xoxo

ro Bruhn

Have a wonderful safe trip Katie and enjoy the time with your family, look forward to hearing about your travels on your return.


safe travels Katie. enjoy the "journey". Samm xo


Have a lovely time! And yes, I'm enjoying summer today, the sun is hot and the strawberries are going to be picked soon! take care!


sounds like a great trip, have fun!

alex s

Can I come? I won't make noise and I will not ask to pee every 10 miles. :-)

I love road trips. And man! The scenery that you will be drinking in...inspiration sandwiches.

Love love love and miss you alresdy. (xo}


Have a safe & very fun trip! Just have to tell you, after looking at all the face paintings that you recently posted from your class, I'm hauling out a phone book & trying it-it's time:)

pam aries

Are we there yet?...Are we there yet?..hee hee! Have fun on your trip!

Karen Cole

Hope you had a great trip!

alex s

Are you home yet? Are you home yet?

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