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Oh, you and Judy have a marvelous time! the 2 of you creating together? I can only imagine the outcome of laughter, a little wine, and kindred spirit communion will be! I can't wait for the "announcement," although I am guessing something COOL is afoot! Hugs to you, my friend. Can't wait to see you.


Sharon @ Norah's

Oh Katie, I'm just plain nosey so I can't wait for you news.
Love both of the pieces up there. I also love how you seem to just whip it out.


hi katie-thank you for your sweet comment about my trees. :)

I read on Judy's blog that you guys have a secret...can't wait to hear!

Sounds like you guys are going to have such a wonderful time. There's nothing like getting together with a kindred spirit and making art together. And eating good food!

ro Bruhn

Love the art it's great.
Have a great time with Judy as I know you will, I'd love to be there.
I love your new header, Susan's done a terrific job.
I haven't divulged your secret to anyone, I've been a good girl

kelly snelling

oh my katie! i just caught up and saw these new pieces of yours. they leave me breathless. such depth! so much soul. they shout to me and it is lovely to hear. hurrah! thank you for sharing them. geez, can you tell that i like 'em? :0) i can't help myself i am gushing.

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