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Miss Blue is beautiful.
I love her generous cheeks and that lovely dress she chose to wear (the buttons and flowery pattern are a nice touch).


Katie, here's my take. I *like* your current site. It has all the information required, looks professional, is up-to-date (which frankly is heeYOUge!) and is very easy to navigate. A dotcom should be your professional voice - a blog should be where you let down your hair. My .02cents culled from over 13 years in the webdesign biz. :)

kelly rae roberts

hey you! love these latest pieces. if you have a mac and you want an EASY do-it-yourself software that allows you to fully design and easily upload links,etc without knowing any html, then i'd recommend Freeway Web Design. it's affordable and easy! not totally sure if you have to have a mac for this program, but i think so!


I use blogger (blogspot) and think it's pretty user friendly. I've noticed other blogger blogs have more interesting backgrounds than mine but if you're on a budget, it doesn't get better than free. The other easy alternative is to get hosting from 1and1 hosting 3.99 a month...with your own name dot com and build your website using either html or publisher. I creating our polymer guild website with publisher. Nothing too fancy but you can see it here... www.pppcg.org

Sharon @ Norah's

I know nothing bout birthing no websites. But I just love Miss Adeling Blue. She's fabo.


Katie - These two paintings are purelu delightful! I especially like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood... my dear old grandma used to like to watch him and when my little son and I went to her house to visit, the two would watch together! As for websites... I actually really like the one you have! It's so well organized and crisp. Your work stands out and in terms of selling, it presents a professional look without being stuffy. I think if it looks good and it's easy to use, that's one less business thing you need to worry about... and then you can spend more time making art!

ro bruhn

Love Miss Blue and the houses are terrific.
I created my web site in I Web, a program that you can buy for the Mac, I'n not sure if you're on a Mac or a pc. The program's very user friendly and has quite a few templates, it has some limitations, but it's pretty easy to use and update.


How do you do,
Miss Adeline Blue?
You are a lovely, aren't you?
Your neighborhood is a wonderful tribute to a most soulful man.
Sorry to say I know nothing about websites... you've seen mine, blah... it's still very boring.
Speaking of artwork, I think I've come to a decision... I'll be emailing you shortly.

Mary Ann

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Yes sirree bob it is! I want to go live inside those houses.
One website suggestion: Let typepad do it all. With the PAGES feature you can design an entire website here. Or depending on your account you can start a separate website here at Typepad under a different name - same account - and it could link back here. Know what I mean? Many options via Typepad without spending any extra dough.


I know nothing about websites, so please forgive my post here...but I just wanted to say that your artwork is beautiful and I'm so happy I discovered your blog. Have a wonderful day!


Adeline Blue, Adeline Blue.
Your name implores me to speak of you.
Your houses are painted
And spackled with glue
By Miss Katie Kendrick
Who conceived of you.

How's that?

As for the website, I was thinking of Typepad's new "Page" feature as well. I have yet to check it out, but it sounds intriguing. When I see you at AU, I'll tell you about how I developed mine and what service I used. I love it!

Deb (an admirer of Adeline Blue)


Hi Katie,
You can do "its mysite.com". It's very cheap, I think about 3.00 a month and you can funk it up yourself, it is extremely easy. You can also get your domain name changed to there or get a new one if you want. Ive seen several other artists there just email me and I will research it for you.

Karen Cole

Love the textures and colors of both pieces. Miss Blue looks like how I feel tonight after eatting everthing in sight!

Your workshop with Judy sounds soooo wonderful. When I look at their website (The Hacienda) it looks so very inviting. I'd love to spend a year staying there and taking all of the workshops that come along. What I love about yours, besides the subject, is that I think spending time with the two of you would be a complete blast!!! It's on my wish list for sure.

Judy Wise

hello miss katie dear. I too love Adelie Bloo, she somehow makes me think of yoooooou. okay, enuff nonsense. I almost wrote the other day to say I checked back to your website and think is looks good. I don't think you need to change it. I do mine with the horrible html and someday when I have a wealth of time I will change it to one of the web design programs suggested above because right now it takes me too much time to update it. Boy, you can't beat typepad or blogger for easy.

See you in Arizona!

Pam Aries

I don't know too much about sites. I like blogger, but I think you need something more than blogger. I tried Its My Site and DID not like it at all! ..I love Mz. Blue and the houses are darling!


You can use the Pages feature on Typepad which is easy and would put all of your stuff in one easy to navigate place. Besides, why pay for another site? My second choice would be Yahoo site builder, which I've used and is SO easy to make a site from. You can also use your own domain name with it and it's pretty cheap! Good luck, and the new doll is great!

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