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i had to smile because i was so reminded of myself on car rides--in the passengers seat with my camera. :) lovely skies. and as i have never been out west neat to see a dust devil.

Sharon at Norah'S

Your sky picture is out of this world. It's like you were an angel up there in it. And you are...an angel for sharing with us.

tracie Huskamp

katie.. your road trip looks like it was divine!

can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey.

glad you are home though... I missed you!



Yes, this looks like a great vacation with wonderful memories and photos.


Sounds like you had a blast. Love the photo's and how great bumping into your friend. looking forward to the next installment.


Really love the photos! Makes me want to go west!

kelly snelling

your daughter is a beauty, but hey! what about walter? he's handy with technology and downright handsome as well...:0) gorgeous photos katie. i look forward to seeing the rest of your adventures. xo

patty van dorin

what a great road trip!!! Makes me want to pack up the get away car and head out.


wonderful photos...sorry i missed your class in nc...i was moving...will catch one soon...blessings, rebecca


oh Katie, what wonderful photos! I love readinmg what you have written. And your daughter is just so lovely. SO nice to read of an adventure... :-) Miss you!

Karen Cole

Beautiful photos and beautiful family. Could you possibly be old enough???? Sisters maybe.

Kelly Feraro

Katie! What a wonderfully sweet surprise to get to meet you! I was so excited to see you walk in the door and so verrrrry far from home! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will get to come teach at The Creative Underground! I'll most definately be a signer-upper!
Take care and hopefully see you soon!

p.s. My blog is not a very exciting one. I have a little trouble expressing myself like I would like to; but I have added my info to this comment.

pam aries

What a great, fun trip! I love all the photos! Your daughter is so pretty and her dad aint bad either..heheh just messin' with ya! It sounds like fun. girlie!

Sue Who Doesn't Like To Be Photographed

While you were passing through Utah you should have stopped and said hello. ;)


I can't believe it! We call our GPS Jill, too! (Must have the same one.)


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