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Kathy (Oly)

Katie, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the fullness of life. I believe we always underestimate the number of people who are affected by each of us, like the unseen butterflies in the Amazon. My heart is with you and the family of your friend. Kathy


warm healing thoughts for your friends family and her soul...life is a precious thing...love all you can...blessings, rebecca

Karen Cole

My thoughts are with you and your friends family.

"To everything, turn, turn turn....there is a season turn, turn, turn and a time for every matter under heaven.....".

How wonderful to have such a beautiful and joyful looking family.

Judy Wise

This post cracks my heart open with joy and sadness. My prayers go up for all humans in pain. Oh, life is so precious. We must take care and pay attention. Thank you, beautiful katie.


A beautiful family and you have a beautiful heart. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Comforting prayers for you and your friends family.

tracie Huskamp

my sweet dearest Katie..

You and your darlings are such a precious sight. They are growing up so fast.

Your beautiful prose and poetic art are always my inspiration!

I am very sad for your community and the loss of one of its members... especially to be in such a lonely place that one does not see any alternative.

much love and light to you today.. my friend!



Love and Prayers for all concerned. Blessings too.


Katie, I am so sorry, so deeply sad to hear of your friend. What can you say? Sometimes there are no words, but it is felt.

I was looking at your paintings last night, and it just makes me want to see the world in clearer, brighter colours. I love your paintings.

The Cat Stevens song has always been a favourite. I was a cantor in church as I grew up, and I choses this song so much that the music director had to step in and introduce me to some new ones. I still think it was a mistake. This song is so full of simple praise.

Love to you, my colour poet friend. :-)


ps... I think this is a reminder to us all to never underestimate what is felt underneath all the wrappings. The heart is so mysterious, and can hold so much that it doesn't reveal. It is strong, yes, but it is also so very fragile. I don't want to forget that. I want to treat every heart with more care.


Love and Prayers for sure! Love the song by Cat, LOVE those cuities...just wanna squeeze 'em and I LOVE the painting below! Happy Thursday KK! Hold them tight and cherish the time.


You won't believe the synchronicity I have just experienced! Guess what song I was just listening to on my computer as I read your post! It's true and amazing! Such a sad story about your friend though - I have said a prayer for that saddened family. Your family photos are beautiful.

kelly snelling

i am sending up prayers to the face of God. so sorry, so sad for this tragic affair.

ro Bruhn

Life is so precious and also very fragile, thinking of you at this sad time Katie, it makes us realize how lucky our own lives are.

Your two little darlings have your lovely eyes too.

pam aries

Who wouldn't feel sweetness with that view! Breathtaking! And you and the babes look darling! Sso happy! ...I am sad to hear of your neighbor..it always seems so sad that people commit suicide,,,but there was a time in my life when I was there at that door. I can hardly believe it now..deep depression and how it makes a person feel is something that one cannot explain.

alex s

Dearest - I wish I was standing next to you taking in this beauty! Soulful landscape - soulful family -soulful friend.

Sending light and prayers to your neighbors.

{xo} A.


such sweetness in your photo.

i have been thinking of you...
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of a life you knew...life really is so fragile, so hard not to take it for granted, so hard to see the beauty when our hearts are heavy, and so very hard to say what we wish to say when that heaviness sets in.
peace and love. xoox

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