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cheryl prater

She looks like you! Complete with head swaddled in scarf. I love it too. xxx cheryl

kelly snelling

yee-haw! that sounds ultra-exciting and fantastically fabuloso! oh i wish i wish i wish...


Oh! OHHH! (trying to breathe) OH KATIE! My family has a house in Puerto Vallarta and MAYBE I can come at that time, oh! It is right near my birthday... maybe.... oh maybe! How exciting for you!!!!It will be wonderful!


Ay, que buenisimo!
How wonderful!
Five days of art, food, art, warm weather, art, and YOU! How marvelous!


What a simply stunning, fantastic gift! I think she is meant to be YOU.



I forgot to say...
YEE HA! Congratulations on a simply wonderful idea. Mexico! And Mexico with Judy & Katie? How cool is THAT? I hope I hope I hope I can swing it. I really would love to come!


Wohoo -sounds like it will be awesome. Amazing gift from Judy, the likeness to you is quite extraordinary.


oh wow, what an amazing, amazing retreat that would be.... I'm moving to the states!!!! You were definately meant to have that painting too - it is soooooooo a picture of you!

Angie Platten

Oh, does this ever sound like a dream! But gosh, it's a few weeks before my kids get out of school and since they are really young, it would be an act of God to get away and have my husband actually crawl out of bed and take them to school by 7:30 every morning, not to mention caring for them every afternoon for a week! Yep, I'm dreaming.... booohoooooo

Rhonda Scott

Wow katie this is fantastic! Sounds like so much fun.


good news...faux finishes are my specialty...love the new take...blessings, rebecca

Pam Aries

OH ! To be able to attend would be a dream come true! Wow! It sounds like heaven! ..I love Judy's art too! I can't wait to hear all about this fabuloso trip!


The Hacienda is a wonderful place to create. I was there last October and had a wonderful time. Sam is a lovely host. You guys will have soooo much fun.

ro bruhn

This sounds like a fabulous place, I've seen photos of it before with all the wonderful mosaics. You and Judy should have a ball. What a beautiful painting from Judy, how lucky are you.

Tracie Huskamp

Katie.. I am SO VERY EXCITED for you and Judy and this wonderful opportunity... BRAVO... BRAVO!!!


alex s

Ok. Ok. My. My. Ok....Unless something crazy happens, like I have a baby or adopt another dog....I'm there. :-) Margarita's anyone? :-)

Congrats lovely Katie.

alex s

Oh!! I got flustered!!

This painting is fantabulous. She DOES look like you. And I love the pencil work.

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