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Oh Katie that's phenomenal! I know your classes will be filled in no time! Kudos girl!!

michelle C

wonderful!! congrats!


i am so thrilled for you Katie. wonderful classes! You know I am not so sure I would have ever known about artfest or gone if not for you...a huge thank you to you! xoxo


How could they resist you and your lovely ladies...

Felicidades - Much happiness on your classes.


Fledgling Poet

Congratulations to you, and to each and every student lucky enough to take your class. Oh, how I wish I lived out west...! Your artwork is an absolute feast for my eyes. :~)


Katie: The gel medium's gonna be flyin' at ArtFest, girl. That is great and Judy too. Good for y'all! Having been the recipient of your generous instruction, I know your students are in for a real treat. xxxx cheryl

alex s

Sweet Katie! What in the world is more wonderful than the fact that your beauty is being shared with the world at Artfest, and Mexico and and and..... rock on sista!


wondrous faces katie...i am manifesting my way to artfest...do not quite understand all the instructions...but will figure it out...congrats on teaching there...blessings, rebecca


Wow, so enticing! I keep tossing it around...to go. I don't think 2008 will be my year for it, but maybe the next. But I love that I can be there through your telllings of it :-)

I LOVE your paintings! OHHHHHHH! The golden bits of the second one look like glowing gems :-)

Carla Sonheim

Congratulations on your Artfest teaching! Your class looks wonderful!

Tracie Huskamp

YEAH KATIE.. YOU ROCK!!!!!.. I can't WAIT to see you dear one.. and Give you and MZ. Judy. a GREAT BIG HUG!!!


HELP.. I am DROWNING in to-do's before I fly away next week.... =))))

Tara Finlay

Well friend, I am not surprised. But you are my number 1 no matter what days one or two bring!!!
I had people over for dinner the other night and out of all the art in the house they loved that first altered photo you gave me, that was generated on the day my grandmother died, remember that? And for the first time I turned the work sideways and saw your profile and was filled with a rush of affection for you, my art heart friend.
I cannot wait to see you again and I hope I can get into your class!

Ro Bruhn

Wish I could be there, your class looks fabulous, I love both ladies


Hi- Love your art, it's wonderful! I want to go to Artfest but have never been to an artist retreat and i dont think i will be able to find anyone to go with, dont think i could do the first one alone. Would love to take your class though, and of course Misty's...i love her stuff as well!!!


What a wonderful description of artfest! I can't wait...this year is my year, I will be there! Congrats to you on your class, I would love to take it.

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