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what a lovely post...remembering mother is such sweet sorrow...beautiful rememberances of the woman who preceed you...blessings, rebecca

Catherine Witherell

I remember also that this was put to music when I was a teenager and I understood it somewhat but certainly not the way I do now. Thanks for writing it down here. What a beauty your mother was!

Thank you for your congratulations to me and the same heartfelt congratulations back to you Katie. I look forward to seeing you at Artfest 2008. Yahoo!


beauty all around, in your mother's eyes, in the Desiderata, and in your words. your words touch my heart so. thank you for sharing your mother and yourself.


What a wondeful poem. Thanks for sharing it.


I have tears in my eyes, for the beauty of the words and your memories of your mother...not all of us have been blessed to have your kind of mother, we long, still in our hearts and minds to know that kind of mother. How blessed you are to have such a loving mother and wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing her memories and her with us.


To see your beauty and courage shine through from generations past is a blessing, and I am so grateful you have shared this. This prayer will stay with me. Your beautiful mama and your relationship with her is something that lights up the world and the souls of all you encounter.
Here's to you both...


katie, mums are so special and I think to lose them just heightens the "specialness". my mum will have been gone 4 years this september and sometimes i think it actually gets harder as time passes. my thoughts are with you at this really hard time. don't forget she is always with you though, she'll be out there somewhere, very busy guiding you along your path.

Fledgling Poet

That poem has moved me to tears, and I will save it to read again and again. Your Mom was a beautiful person, inside and out. What a wonderful tribute to her! Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth Parsons

my mom also had Desiderata framed in her bedroom. When she passed away I got it. It now hangs in my bathroom...and I just love it.
:) thanks for posting...


hey katie...this is simply a beautiful post honoring your momma. she is so beautiful, and i see now where you get your infectious smile! the part about you stepping up to the front now...that is so important, our daughters, and granddaughter (sons) are looking to us for the comfort and inspiriation that only moms and nanas can share. i had this poem on a poster in my room when i was a teenager...not that i understood it completely then! take care sweet one!

Karen Cole

Haven't seen Desiderata in such a long time. What a timeless piece it is. Thanks for sharing it. I think I will print it and hang it up myself.

Beautiful tribute.

Mary Ann

Someone get me the kleenex. I need some. REally. That was touching and beautiful. There are only 2 left of my late pop's family of 14 from the back woods of Louisiana. Like you I treasure the stories. I'm so glad I came by this lovely summer evening to visit.

mim stella

What a lovely post about your mom and the life lessons you learned from her. I'm sure you are passing them onto your own children and them onto theirs. Love never dies, does it?

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