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I am glad you are feeling better. Oh warm apple crisp sounds yummy! I'll have two pieces:) A friend of mine took your doll class at Art Unravelled and loved it. Looking forward to Art & Soul.

Kim H

I think this poem is really lovely :)


I'm so glad you're feeling better! I love the poem and the texture in this little piece you've shown us!

Judy Wise

Oh, the poem is so beautiful. "The nest unguarded". "Two restless wings". You are so amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the piece. Your spirit means so much to me.


What a beautiful poem! I hope one day you will create a collection of such verses. :D

annie lockhart

hey katie...it's been a while. i took a peek at the class photos. how wonderful...i wish i could get up there and take one of your classes.


Hello, you lovely thing. Yes, I will be there for tea, as long as I can wear my cowboy boots. I'll have apple crisp and two lumps of sugar, please. Oh, and a poetry reading would be nice as well. Hugs to you, gentle soul.


Sharon @ norah'S

I know the rest will be as lovely as the poem. ...with butterflies bees and talking birds...
You are so sweet Katie.I wish I could pop over.

Fledgling Poet

Oh, this poem is so, so beautiful...I'm really happy that you're feeling better, and that you have loving company and warm laughter in your house. That alone can do so much to boost one's spirits. Thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog -- have a great week! :~)


Do you know how happy I was to stop in and find a new post? I have been checking every day. So very happy that you are creating, that the universe is answering you with such plentitude, that your sweet girls are near, that you are making cookies and... rose tea? I want to try rose tea! Sign me up!

Her nest unguarded... yes. That is the key.

Love to you... so much love to you...


Beautiful poem! Everything about you is very inviting and real. I would love to have a cup of tea with you right now. :-)



You felt that, yes? It was full of love and gladness that you are feeling better, that your family is near with cookies at hand. It is filled with joy that your paints and papers are flowing and filling the world with color!



CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI BREAD..... OMG!!!!! recipe??? please??? seeings i'm wayyyyy too far away to come skipping through your door to share a piece with that sumptuous sounding rose tea! sigh...


thank you for your kind words katie. i am sending you a hug, wishing i could stop by for some yummy sounding rose tea.
the poem is lovely, can't wait til we can see it all-i know it is beautiful.


so glad to hear you are doing well...and how much i would love to join your for tea and apple crisp. xoooox get busy meema ;-) ...so sweet.

Tracey Kazimir-Cree

oh my gosh, Katie you are the most adorable thing ever. I am now dying for warm apple crisp. It's nice and cool tonight in CO and I'm craving fall weather and sweaters and homemade baked goodies. You've inspired me.

ro bruhn

That apple crisp sounds wonderful, I'd love to pop over

tracie Huskamp

Hi Katie..

OH MY.. is has been such a whirlwind of activity since returning from Art Unraveled. It was SO VERY GOOD TO SEE YOU!! I sure wish we had had more time to sit and talk. Maybe at Art and Soul????



Such poetry! I wish I was your neighbour. A combination of warm apple crisp, rose tea and hospitality sounds just wonderful.


wonderful poetry. I love it. glad to see things are better right now for you.

Pam Aries

Girl..You are such a ninspiration! ..I have been so down..and so has my computer! What a sad combination! ...Anyhoo..Chocolat zucchini bread and rose tea sounds like a HAPPY combination! So, I'll be right over!

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