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It is such a blessing to be surrounded by so much nature. I know that I need to touch the changes of the landscape and atmosphere daily or I feel spiritually disconnected. Your photos are lovely as they capture the lush green and the beginnings of fall. And how wonderful to have such sweet little granddaughters! They are both so beautiful:>


Nature is such a balm for the soul. Some of my happiest moments on my recent trip to Ireland were walking down country lanes with they lush, overgrown hedges, picking wildflowers and ripe raspberries....

leighanna light

I had a dream last night that I moved back to Oregon. These beautiful pictures remind me so much of my dream.
They're stunning.


That baby is the cutest thing ever! Oh my!


So darling, those wee girls... they really do resemble you! I LOVE those cheeks! How could you ever STOP kissing them!

Your photos are just lovely... your woods, magic. I would love to see them!

I know what you mean about spending time there... I truly do.

Miss you...

Judy Wise

katie, love, I just felt my organs relax and settle down as I read your words. Your woods and waters bring peace from afar. This has been a week of turmoil for me too (as you know) and misty has alluded to her mind-that-churns. I think it is the creative gene that makes our brains turn so relentlessly. Maybe that's why we need nature more than some; it is the one thing that washes away our cares and leaves us cleansed. Thank you for the reminder. This was a wonderful and very coherent post.


What an enlightening balm your words are always. Your photos gorgeous, your grandchildren make me sigh. So lovely to visit you... i can never wait for a visit.

Abrazos y besos,
Hugs from me



oh those sweet faces...what fun to be a grandmother...i am jealous...yes i am...i only have imaginary granchildren...have a wonderful weekend in your woods...blessings, rebecca

Catherine Witherell

I am loving all your photos. I feel like I am getting to know you better by seeing what you think is beautiful. Thanks for all the clues.

ro bruhn

What fabulous photos Katie. The first one has been a great help to me, I'm working on my next book in the ABRR I'm in and it's titled 'Observation'. I never thought about peering through an opening. Thank you.
Great pics of your grandchildren too, what cuties.

Karen Cole

What beautiful thoughts and family.

I hear a "tap, tap, tap" every morning as well. It is that darn woodpecker making more holes in my house. I love him anyway, though.

Fledgling Poet

Katie, I read your post and couldn't believe it...I, too, was wandering through the woods feeling restless just the other day. Walking through the trees seeking quiet and answers...to what, I don't know. I can so relate to those feelings...your photos are beautiful and I hope you're feeling in better spirits.


the seasons are changing and i'm sure that such a dramatic change in our environment must influence us. i love autumn. here where i live, autumn comes and brings with it a certain stillness. leaves drift, spent but peaceful to the ground, the sea is most often mirror like and it is during autumn that i feel the calmest. i hope that your autumn comes with a certain stillness Katie. xo

annie lockhart

there's nothing quite like a child to put things into perspective...and what a beautiful violet she is! xo...


What better way to welcome fall than to snuggle up in her woods before the greens vanish, and top it off when smooches and kisses from precious wee ones? Thank you for a delightful post!


Pam Aries

Serene and lovely! I wish we had Fall here. I miss all the turning leaves and autumn colors! ..Baby is so sweeet! Guess what..I a mplaying with phonebook page faces today1 I haven't done that for a while!!!

Susan Tuttle

What an incredibly gorgeous and soothing post. I felt like I was right there, walking beside you in the woods. What a magical place to call yours.

Your grandbabies are just precious. I love the name Violet!

Big Hugs,

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