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This little chick is darling. Your paintings always lift my spirits and excite me - what a marvel you are, sweet Katie!



These are all so wonderful! How invigorating to get all these beautiful images out of your heart and onto canvas, yes?



These are fabulous! Love the depth and texture and colors. Great stuff!


Oh but you sooooo are a paint wizz katie!!! your work is always so gorgeous xo


I love the way the colour seems worn off in spots, revealing an even brighter colour below. But on this one... I love the coffee mug rings at the bottom... of course that is probably not what they are... but they evoke for me a piece of paper that I have always kept becasue it had the stains of both mine and a friends coffee cups on it...I should frame it.

Love to you... miss you!


I love this birdy girl. So great and fun. Even if you had already started these you are still on a roll. Keep painting!!!! :) I love the style of these.


Love all the New Art! AND I just gave you an award, so be sure to go by my log to see what it's all about.


the art is so good...paint girl or not...i think you are...missed you while i was gone...blessings, rebecca


Ooooh. Love the Chicken-Mommy. xx cher

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