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Judy Wise

Maddie looks very serious but then she has that FUNNY outfit on. (shhh, don't tell her). She's wonderful.

alex s

She has my eyebrows. :-)


liz elayne

oh my goodness...she is so wondrous...
can't wait to see her and you in person at vendor night at art and soul (i am coming down to help kelly at her booth)...


your dolls are so sweet, I just love them. Congrats on your back cover on art and life!!! Miss your postings....


Maddie is a sweetheart, I can tell already:)


Hi Katie
We want to do this next year in Saluda at Random Arts when you come to teach. Love it, love it. Sewing project - FOR SURE!
Colors, threads, fibers, You name, you are the teacher.


Your art continues to bring great joy to my life. These dolls are extraordinary! Gayle

Pam Aries

Wow! The dolls are incredible1 I love them ..all the detail and the work that went into each one!


i love her pointed toes...surly she is a prima ballerina...have a safe trip...and a good weekend...blessings, rebecca


I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ro bruhn

Great expression, all you're dolls have such character and personality.

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