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kelly snelling

clap! clap! clap! i am so happy to see all these new pieces, katie. you are so very prolific! this last one really makes me happy with all those bright colors. hurrah!!




I love the colors in this piece! What a perfect composition.


House of Memory is beautiful. I love this piece.


I want to play hopscotch with her... she's so beautiful



The colors in this one are delightful. So uplifting and positive. It makes me want to head back into the studio even though I'm almost ready for bed! :) xoxo, Fran

alex s

This is a wonderfully joyous piece, so fresh! I love how her eye breaks the boundary of her face. Is this how your heart is feeling?

I've signed up for ArtFest. A bit later than I should have, but I finally found a sitter for P and, I just had to try. I've requested your class on Saturday, of course. Keep your fingers crossed for me (and your toes too!) :-)

Maija Lepore

Your talent always has me in awe! Your use of colors and space is so pretty and happy!

cory celaya

Love this piece...It keeps the viewer centered. (and smiling)
Thanks for the hop-scotch memories, I am going to draw one on the sidewalk for my 4 year old great granddaughter before I am too old to jump.

Warm hugs,
Cory in AZ.

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