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Shari Beaubien

She's lovely, Katie. I adore her dress and her bird and her sweet little face. I'm looking so forward to seeing you and *all* your offerings at Art & Soul next week! Big hugs, Shari


Oh, she's sweet! I love her little duck! I sure wish I could come to Art & Soul... Have a great time:>


I want an outfit like hers!! Love everything. Wish I could see all your lovelys in person. Sending lots of positive energy your way for a great week at A&S. Big hugs too.

Tina in Seattle

She's lovely!

kelly snelling

is her name helen? my first thought was anne marie...or emery. i couldn't quite hear it. but maybe it is helen. helen mallard (for her duck of course).

i surely wish i was going to be in portland to give you pinch and a peck. i bet your classes will be awesome! xo-k


my first thought was mallard-tia...guess the duck spoke to me...and she feels like a ballerina also...regardless she is beautiful and happy creating...blessings, rebecca


She looks like a Pheobe to me:) I have been busy getting ready too and been meaning to email you. L


I think Olive suits her! Her stripey tights really show off her legs...what a cutie!


Prudence! No? How about Cheryl? Trumpet? I got nuthin.

ro bruhn

Glad to see you're back Katie. Gemima was the first thing that came into my head. Have a great time at Art and Soul.

Catherine Witherell

I love her too!

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