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Deryn Mentock

This little baby looks just like you Katie! Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the prayer...


what a beautiful gallery of photos!!! :)


i know how you feel...the photos speak much more than words...they are such a variety of looks and moods...the give me joy, joy, joy...have a great weekend...blessings, rebecca


Thanks for inspiring us with all those lovely photos. Just love being inspired by other artists work and photos. Thea


i love that song so much...i love nina simone, she's got it going on! glad to know you are sing this song of hers and not some of her others...which tend to be so down and weepy. ;-)
your litte babies are so sweet.
Do you have a pear tree? cool! xoxo


I have a huge smile in my heart knowing that you are feeling good!


So wonderful, and these photos say it all! The babies, so cute - and I have to say that apple photo is incredible. That is a painting just waiting to bloom on canvas.


to you!


Nina Simone is classic but Michael Buble does a fine job of that song. kiss kiss from Atlanta. cp


"Feeling Good" is one of my favorite songs! When I need a pick-me-up, I blast it, but I am partial the Michael Buble version. ;)

So glad you're doing well. xoxo, Fran


Oh.... OH..... so sweet...the poem, all the little beauties of our Maker. The way your marvelous eyes capture them all...

and the song... one of my favourite things to sing.

here's to feeling good! Love to you... so much!

Fledgling Poet

So much poignancy in those photographs...the beauty of it all, and life in general, chokes me up. Thank you for sharing -- have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and what a gorgeous poem...


What breathtaking photos. They inspire me to look at the beauty all around me. By the way- I received the Feminine Icon collage and it is in my living room inspiring me each and every day. Thank you! And now I need to check out Nina Simone.

Shelley Noble

Well, that was a gorgeous post! Holy moly, the poem paired with those close-cropped images of pure joy are powerful.


Your pictures are so beautiful I could cry!
I love your artwork on fabric... do you print on the fabric, or work directly on it? Great stuff... really really great!

Maija Lepore

I'm so happy you are good. The photos are beautiful and the babies so precious!

Karen Cole

Wow....you certainly have an eye with the camera. A beautiful collection. That goes for the paintings below , in the previous post, as well.

annie lockhart

what a beautiful post...little one looks like grandma! same contagious smile! xoxo

Pam Aries

I love all the pics! They are s obeautiful! The baby is a doll!...There's just nothing better than feeling truly HaPpY!!!!

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