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kelly snelling

lovely, lovely, lovely and beautiful, too!! i love the colors and the layers again and again.

liz elayne

ahh may sarton...how that woman always reminds me i am not alone...as do you.
love this journal page...i want to reach through to feel the texture...


katie, so nice to have you home from Portland! I love this journal page, and the poem is so wonderfully expressive. xo

Judy Wise

Lovely. Both the journal page and May's poem.


i love writing over artwork in white...the poetry is so meaningful...blessings, rebecca

karen Cole

I , too love writing over a dark image with white pencil.

I love the facial expression on the figure and the lines and circles are beautiful.

GREAT piece of writing.

ro bruhn

Love the art and the writing, your work is so inspiring Katie.


I love this, so soulful. Will I see you at AFF?


love the page its sensational.


. . . and a fantastic journal page it is. Your art always touches me.


The sideways glance and the quirky smile... the cloak that makes her look protected and steadfast... and then those words. I think that artists so often feel those "inner explosions," but they are the life blood of creativity, even though the trick is to find a way to keep "tethered down." The questions is.. to what? I think those intense swings of emotion are a necessary companion to creativity; they are symptoms of sensitivity, but you have to learn to ride them out. I love the texture of this page. It's a wonderful combination of fluid and scratchy. It must look amazing in person:>


This is so dreamy and grown up all at once. And I wonder, what is beneath the cloak of many colours? If we were to split it open, just a wee bit, would flooding light pour through? Or would it draw us in to subtler places and spaces within? When I look at this I feel invited to find out. :-)

Laura Miller

This page contains my two favorite (at the moment) things. I love those mysterious, muted colors and I am obsessed with writing with a white pen. Your work encourages me to let go a bit more. Poem is a very moving touch.

Pam Aries

I would love to see your work up close and personal! It has so much depth and meaning ..full of feeling and passion!

nita  from red tin heart

What a wonderful quote. I love May Sarton. I can't believe you like Nina Simone too, love her. You have a neat site. xo nita

alex s

Katie Darling-

Fantastic, beautiful, spilling forth your heart and soul. She looks like she is waiting for something, someone...like a seed waiting to open. Is this how you are feeling?

No artfest for me :-( No room at the inn... Oh well, there is always next year!


Abby Creek Art

Beautiful journal page...and I love the May Sarton writing.

By the way...how is little Peanut doing?


Your use of shape and abstracts create a depth, which rushes forth upon viewing. The work blends perfectly with the poem. xoxoxoxo

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