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Kelly Snelling

OOOOOoo! my subscription ran out so i am so glad you told me you have something in here. and i see judy's name on the cover too! i am going to have to go get in the car right now!!


Congratulations! HOpe I get my issue soon, can't wait to see your work. I'm sure many of us have those times when we are a little more quiet, but don't worry, we understand, and hope you are doing well. Your work is always such an inspiration!


Congrats On the CPS!! NOW I have to go out and buy the issue! Love the new pieces, especially the one below. Kind of sums up how I'm feeling lately. Hope Violet didn't leave you too much of a mess. Well, actually I hope she did. That can only mean she had a spectacular time! lol Happy Day KK!


I was just going to send you an email on this. I recieved my copy over the weekend, and saw your article. Congrats, they did a fabulous job on presenting your material.



I loved your project in CPS and was really impressed with the birds-eye shots they put in the spread. Gorgeous. I also like the direction you're work has been going lately. I'm ok with not so many words as long as I have pretty pictures to look at!

I see you're going to be at Random Arts again next year! Huzzah! Count on me to bring the almond macaroons. Can't wait to hug you!

Shari Beaubien

I don't have my issue yet, but you'd better believe yours will be the first article I turn to, sweet Katie! Hugs, Shari


ooooh! I have to make a trip to Border's and sit and look at it :)

And I love your art therapy...I love the colours and patterns so haphazzard and I see this little ghost in the foreground...

Love to you, Katie....

ro bruhn

I can't wait to get my copy, you and Judy in the same issue

Maija Lepore

I understand how you are feeling, as this time of year has a similar effect on me. Of course it will be worse this year with out my mom.
Be well my friend.

tracie Huskamp

Hi Ya... Mz. Katie..

I FINALLY had a chance to look over the new CPS... AWESOME.. AWESOME.. is all I can say about your wonderful article. CONGRATS...... Sending BIG HUGS your way!!

OK.. OFF in a Cloud of Glitter.. headed toward Silver Bella!


Karen Cole

Best issue I've seen so far!!!

Congrats, Katie.

Sue Who Doesn't Like To Be Photographed

I will look into the magazine. Love your work.

Sorry to hear about your seasonal "thing." It's a pretty constant companion for me, so you're lucky if you get a break once in awhile. ;)

Laura Miller

Just saw this issue last night. Your piece was inspirational. Made me want to just get into my room and get going. Alas, I was not at home. I really appreciate how much you share.
I think it's good to sink into a quiet time. Sort of pull in our horns and see what's lurking in those dusty corners that can be turned into art!


i just looked at it tonight for the first time at b&n...it's wonderful! I love that you and judy are in there together.

i miss you much and wish we could sit over that pot of earl grey together. xoxox

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