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ro bruhn

Happy Birthday Katie and what a fabulous birthday present, a new family member, he's soooo cute.
Sounds like you had a wow of a time, what a wonderful place to celebrate your birthday. Look forward to seeing the photos

Angie Platten

I'm so glad you are home! I miss your blogging when you are away! What a fantastic way to spend your birthday! And OMG, what a sweet, darling little find! That dog is darling! What an expressive little face. I love his nose.


are you keeping that sweet little peanut? oh he is such a cute little baby...what a birthday gift for you and him.
i cannot tell you how happy i am to know that i was with you on your 50th birthday, it was a wonderful treat to be in your class that day and to just close to you, where the openness of your heart can be felt like the warmth of the sun on a fall day.
it really sounds like you had the most lovely birthday, with many many more to come! much love to you. xoxox

Deryn Mentock

Hey Katie! It was so lovely to see you again. I wish we'd had more time than we did but, there will be a next time. Again, happy, happy birthday!

Debbie Scribner

You are an absolute angel for rescuing that precious hungry little soul...he probably feels like the luckiest little guy alive to have met up with you..Bless you and Happy Birtday !


awwwwwwwwwwww....he looks JUST like a doggie i once knew named muffin - another lost pup that my friend found in the street. imagine!
it was wonderful to see and be with you - thank goodness for the thai dinner, because otherwise time would have been "fly-by". take good care of yourself - xoxoxo

Kathy Read

It was great to be in your class both days. I really loved them. I'm so glad you stopped for Peanut, what a doll.


Happy, Happy Birthday to such a beautiful, talented woman!


Looks like I have missed a few posts - as always the artwork is amazing and mesmerizing.

You are an inpsiration...

(((Hugs))) & Love to you,


got all mixed up here with you and the link to judy...i wished her happy b'day...soooooo...happy, happy belated birthday...glad you're home safe and sound...blessings, rebecca


oh peanut is so cute...just like my little sir chancelot who found me 2 weeks ago...hugs him for me...blessings, rebecca


Happy Birthday, Katie! It sounds like you had the most special 50th birthday...and then you came home and got another sweet little gift. Peanut looks so cute, matted fur and all:> Best wishes to you for a wonderful year... and welcome to the semi-centarian club!

Laura Miller

if I'd of known it was your BDay I would have wished you Happy when I stopped by your vendor booth. I am new to all of this and just getting to know people and their art, but I have been visiting your blog ( I really like your style) and recognized your face as someone I knew when I saw you at Art and Soul. Happiness upon you for saving that little doggie. All of our 4 leggers are rescues, they're the best.

Linda O'Neill

Happy B-day, Katie! I turn 50 next year so ha ha...you're 4 months older than me!

Bless your heart for giving Peanut a new home. I think it was meant to be. What a sweet dog!!

Linda O'Neill

Happy B-day, Katie! I turn 50 next year so ha ha...you're 4 months older than me!

Bless your heart for giving Peanut a new home. I think it was meant to be. What a sweet dog!!


Glad you made it home safe and what a little cutie you have found. He is lucky to have you taking such good care of him. It was wonderful to room with you! Wishing you peace and sleep!

Mary Ann

OH Mama Of Peanut (M.O.P.) I am so happy that you found the wet matted ball of dog and brought him home for keeps. I see a long and happy future for you both in my shiny crystal ball. Who needs SEattle when you have Peanut? No one. That's who!
Loved reading about you, bearer of kimonos, over on Judy's blog. Happy 50th beautiful.

Judy Wise

Peanut must have known about your heart of gold - I can just see him ruffling up his hair and then throwing himself in front of your car. He's a lucky boy to find such a home as yours. Much love to all of you there.


Happy Birthday Katie!!! I think you got the most perfect little birthday gift in that peanut - he's ADORABLE!

karen Cole

Happy 50 years YOUNG, Katie!!!

I would say that being at Art and Soul with dear friends and creating together, would be an ideal way to celebrate just about anything.

Peanut, looks like a wonderful birthday present, as well. Soooo adorable. I'd like to see a cleaned up version.

tracie Huskamp

A PERFECT week at A&S... I could not have ASKED for anything more.. except more time

AND YOU HAVE A NEW Sweet... furry one to LOVE... HOW DIVINE!

Big XOXOX to you... dear one!

Michael deMeng

Hey der,
great hangin' with you a bit at A and S. Hopefully will see you soon. Gonna miss you at the Mexico workshop...though it seemed that you were ill most of the time on the last one.



Belated Happy Birthday, Katie! What a big heart you and your hubby have. It was terrific of you to take in this poor little DARLING doggie.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Katie! Wow, your natal day is so close to Nina's...

Hope to see you at Artfest again,

Judi D.

Kristen R

Wishing you bunches of happiness and joy as you began the journey of your 50th year!!!!!


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